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THE CAPTAINS LOG: The time: Approximately 1830 hours. The date: December 22, 2011, in the Year of our Lord. The location: Starbucks Coffee on Mary Esther Cut-Off. The reason for sounding like I’m on a mission- simple- I wasn’t, but it is clear now that HE was!!! GOD IS SPEAKING, ARE WE LISTENING?! GOD is always speaking, but are we listening? There have been many of times, that I have relied on others to speak into my life, because I was not hearing HIM for myself- or if I was hearing HIM, I was not listening!

Now back to the “Captains Log.” While at the Starbucks getting the most “perfect” coffee known to man on this planet, yes the incredible “Pike Place” brew, my attention was drawn to the man in front of me, his name was “Gary” who was placing his order. Gary was unique, he was polite, well mannered, and he was ordering coffee, not just any coffee, but a Caramel Frap!

Okay, I’ll continue. Gary was deaf! God had my attention- I was overwhelmed with His presence and I heard His voice clearly, “IT IS TIME!” I began to look for the right opportunity, was God, right now, in the middle of a crowded Starbucks, fixing to hit Gary with HIS healing power?! Was revival going to break out, on this date and time, in a Starbucks?! (How cool would that be- would Pike’s Place brew be on the house?!) What else would the Lord do, after Gary was healed?!

The opportunity seemed to be slipping away, as Gary awaited for his “frap.” How was I to approach, and how was I to communicate- then I had a overwhelming peace come over me. The Lord impressed on me this, “It is time- but not now.” Okay, that makes no sense, and then I knew, God could have done it right then, and not saying if I would have stepped out that He wouldn’t- but the Lord was speaking to me directly, showing me to “PREPARE NOW, IT IS TIME, and that this would BE A DAILY OCCURRENCE!”

I don’t think you heard me (or should I say read me!). It is time, Believer, to look up, step up, step out and then shout out and declare the works of the Lord, Believer it is time, are you ready?! Why? When? Where? Who? What?…Me, yes and it is time! Understand me, this ain’t some new teaching, or even a new event, it has been taking place since JESUS hit the planet some two-thousand years ago! People, yes Believers even today, have been operating in this ministry of the supernatural! I do though believe it is time to walk, talk and move now into a lifestyle that JESUS displayed throughout the Gospels, going from city to city, as Luke described in Acts, chapter ten, verse thirty-eight, “You know of JESUS, how GOD anointed HIM with the HOLY SPIRIT and with power, and HE went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for GOD was with HIM!”

It is time believer to do what the Lord has called all of us to do all along- and with this- to bring a real JESUS to a searching world….in 2017!!!

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