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"Just as JESUS walked!"

"The one who says he abides in HIM ought himself to walk in the same manner as HE walked!" (1 John 2:6) The Apostle John captured the heart of GOD, for every Believer today in this passage of scripture. If we abide, meaning remain in HIM, we should walk exactly like JESUS walked. In order to walk like JESUS walked, we got to feel what HE feels, see what HE sees, hear what HE hears and to think like HE thinks! Why is this so critical in our walk with the LORD? Because JESUS came to this planet for the purpose of saving souls. JESUS fulfilled that very mission, by way of Calvary through the cross. NOW HE has handed to each of us the remainder of the assignment and its crucial that we pick up the baton and walk exactly like JESUS walked! If we would just ask HIM for HIS eyes to see, for HIS ears to hear and for HIS heart to feel...our walk would match our talk and the result would be, bringing a real JESUS to a lost and dying world!"

To make JESUS famous always, Pastor Tim

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