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“Making JESUS famous in your dash!” March 2, 2023

"Make it count, leave a mark, build a name for yourself...dream your dreams, chase your heart, above all else, make a name that the world remembers...." as the lyrics to this song ring out by the group, Casting's talking about leaving a legacy. You and I have been placed on this planet by the ONE who created us, to fulfill a specific purpose. When it comes to leaving this planet one day, and as we go into our Eternal destination, what kind of legacy will we leave behind? As we walk through the grave yards today, we will see a familiar dash in between the entry date of our mission trip called planet earth and our exit date. I call this "the dash called life". What we do within this dash, will impact others, yes, good, bad or indifferent. What we do within this dash, will make an impact and a difference in someone's life, and as Believers, it will make an eternal difference! So where are you in your dash called life? How much more time do you have on this mission trip called planet earth? If you knew, you only had a short time left, if you really knew...would the dash have a new and different perspective? The song by Casting Crowns mentioned earlier is called, "Only JESUS". It concludes with the following lyrics. "Did I live the truth to the ones I love? Was my life the proof that there is only ONE, whose Name will last forever? And I don't want to leave a legacy, I don't care if they remember me, only JESUS. And I've only got one life to live, I'll let every second point to HIM, only JESUS....JESUS is the only name to remember." In your dash called life, what kind of legacy will you leave behind, will it reflect JESUS, the only name to remember? Make JESUS famous, for HE and HE alone deserves it! Can someone say, COME ON!!!

To make JESUS famous always!

Pastor Tim


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